The following five pieces are must-haves for any fashion trends admirer in spring 2010. Although these pieces are various, they all have one thing in common: skin. Lots of skin this fall in courageous combinations. It’s very over-the-top and for the ultimate femme fatale. These are the looks.

Vintage Slip Dress Echos inner Wear as Outer Wear

Inner wear as outer wear is a major trend for this spring. Find a lingerie style dress anything sheer or made of satin. Many vintage or second-hand stores have a great variety of vintage lingerie or sleepwear.

Vintage slips are a beautiful way to express this trend. Finding one in a neutral tone, which is also a trend for this spring, would be perfect! Tap pants also echo this trend by looking a little like nighty shorts.

Dressing with Interesting Cutouts or Low Back Echoes Peek-A-Boo Trend
The Peek-A-Boo trend is everywhere this spring, injecting an element of surprise and upping the sexiness element. Cutouts and backs in general are two other hot trends that are going to be expressed in endless forms this spring.

If the dress with cutout back shows enough skin, a back necklace (a necklace with the charm hanging in the back) would be the perfect, simple accessory. Throw up hair in a low twisted chignon like Carolina Herrera’s spring 2010 and voila, there is a perfect spring 2010 look.

Quilted Leather Top Echoes Warmer Weather Leather Trend

The leather must-have for last fall was the leather jacket. For the last two years, leather pants or faux leather pants have also been popular. Now this trend is translating to tops.

Sleeveless leather tops are the newest leather item in closets everywhere this spring. The great thing about this piece is versatility. It can be paired with a colorful, watercolor-inspired skirt or with jeans or shorts.

Hot Pants Echo Lots of Leg Trend

This spring, a variety of different shorts are going to be blooming and they all have one thing in common: very, very short. Why not try the most extreme version of the trend and wear hot pants? Hot pants have a negative hemline and resemble modest underwear. But for those who are willing to try it, this is the hottest, newest and boldest trend of the season.

Pair them with a oversized baggy boyfriend sweater for a sexy edge that makes the look more wearable. For a less extreme option that still reflects the leg trend, try boy shorts, a casual short short that can be worn with a simple top and flats.

Trench Coat with Belt Echoes Coat / Blazer Trend

To show skin with an element of surprise, it needs to be covered first. And what better way to do this than with anything but the new line of trenchcoats that Burberry Prorsum just released. They are all short-ish and come with fantastic belts. Could there possibly be a better thing to wear over your hot pants, or even more- to reveal them through?