Sanibel Island is a prime vacation destination in south Florida’s gulf coast. This Florida island gem offers luxury resorts and hotels for couples, in addition to more family-friendly accommodations like rental cottages and condominiums.

Sanibel’s beaches are a main attraction for vacationing families, as are the well-groomed bike trails, along with the slew of family-friendly resorts, hotels and restaurants. Sanibel has lots to offer in the way of family accommodations, attractions and activities.

Visiting Sanibel Island With the Family

And in addition to traditional hotels and resorts on the island, there’s also quite a few condos on Sanibel that are available for rent – a perfect option for a large family that doesn’t want the worry and added financial burden of booking two rooms at a Sanibel hotel or resort.

Sanibel condos, such as those at Loggerhead Cay, offer a more home-like feel, which can make traveling with children easier and less stressful since the accommodations are similar to home. Sanibel Island also has a plentiful supply of cottages and rental homes, which are another ideal option for families or large groups who opt to travel to Sanibel for a wedding, reunion or multi-family vacation.

Many luxury resorts on also cater to vacationing families. Among the area’s most luxurious resorts are Sanibel’s Sundial Beach and Golf Resort and Casa Ybel Resort, both of which offer activities and other amenities designed just for families and children.

Not only do these island resorts offer some of south Florida’s most luxurious guest rooms, suites and cottages, but on a seasonal basis, they also host Kids’ Clubs with daytime activities for youngsters and teens who are vacationing on Sanibel Island.

Family Activities on Sanibel Island

Sanibel vacationers will have a vast array of activities to choose from during their visit to the island. Sanibel’s beaches are a main attraction. The family can go for a swim in Sanibel’s tropical blue waters. And then there’s Sanibel’s famous soft, white sand – perfect for constructing sand castles or burying the parents. Sanibel’s beaches are also known for the spectacular shelling, which provides entertainment for family members of all ages during the vacation and afterwards, when the kids are creating shell art or shell animals.

Bicycle are available for rent at many Sanibel resorts and hotels, in addition to several bike rental shops on the island. Bikes are a wonderful way to navigate Sanibel, with its well-manicured bike paths that provide access to all populated portions of the island. Biking also provides a perfect view of Sanibel’s tropical greenery and wildlife – including those famous Florida alligators.

The island also features family-friendly shopping, dining, and many Sanibel hotels and resorts offer outdoor activities like tennis, shuffleboard and kayaking. Grocery shopping is even entertaining at Jerry’s supermarket, where resident parrots and tropical birds entertain guests of all ages.

Sanibel’s J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge is another must-see for the family. Guests can canoe through the island’s mangrove forests, or opt for a guided tour of the refuge to get a close-up look at island wildlife, including tropical birds and those famous Florida gators.

Also, chartered dolphin-watching boat trips that regularly depart from the island’s luxury resorts and hotels – another must-see for Sanibel vacationers of all ages.