Quality posts must get more exposure and this is something Facebook has realized lately to offer its 1.71 billion users the best ever reading and best ever stay. It has altered the algorithm to make everyone feel more informed.

The priority posts can be status updates from friends, news articles and even the current events. The social giant reveals it aims in keep the most important and most relevant posts for longer period in the News Feed of users.

News Feed is important in the revenue generation algorithm of Facebook as the more time users spend in it, the platform can show more ads.

Very recently Facebook said to be cracking down on “clickbait,” which means those articles that are either vague or misleading compared to the titles.

Earlier this year in June, the company said to be giving more preference to those posts which come from family and friends rather than from publishers and public figures.

Jackdaw Research chief analyst Jan Dawson said, “Facebook lives and dies by the News Feed — if it’s giving people what they want, then people stay longer, see more ads, and make more money for Facebook.”

Facebook said it will setup “Feed Quality Program” surveys that will rate posts based on being informative or not being informative. Tens of thousands of people a day will be surveyed under such program.

This way Facebook will be able to prioritize posts and offer longer exposure.

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