By now you have applied for a job and waiting for a call from the HR team. Career expert suggests to do a follow up to the company within 3 to 5 days. A common phrase goes in America that the fortunate is in the follow up. Simply make a phone call to the person concerned and say your name is Donald and you applied for the job a software engineer last Monday. Add that you know he or she is busy and so was wondering whether there’s a chance to review your application.

While discussing your application for a position don’t use the word “objective,” but it is suggested to instead use the phrase “professional summary,” which should be an introduction to your resume. It is also said not to use the year in which you graduated the high school.

Always be honest. Falsifying documents may not work out in long run. If you have criminal background, do speak up as the companies does a background check for about past five to ten years.

Never use the phrase “see attached resume” as it is well known by the employer that a resume is attached when you are applying for a job.

Always be smart while mentioning the references. They can be anyone like a pastor at church, your neighbour or even your coach. Don’t forget to intimate them that you are using their names and contact numbers.