Employers’ Tips: How To Manage Virtual, Remote Employees

Employers’ Tips: How To Manage Virtual, Remote Employees


Virtual or remote employees are growing these days with the advancement of technology. However, it is not an easy task for employers to manage them, working miles and miles away from office. Here are few tips how to manage them:


A good communication is the key to manage remote employees successfully. It is suggested to use visual communication techniques like video conferencing. Use diagrams or screenshots in the emails or chat to help them better understand what you are looking for. Use chat platforms while working as a group.


You should always encourage your employees to collaborate. Use document management system like Dropbox and Google Drive to share files and documents. Avoid sharing those through mails as the documents sometimes get lost and tracking those takes time. Provide such tools which they find working easier.


Do not forget to make status meetings on weekly basis. Talk about the expected tasks and set goals too for the next week. You should also give feedback to help them better analyze their work by themselves.

Track work

Use a tracking system to have an eye on the remote employees. If the employees are working on hourly basis, use a time tracking software.

Part of team

Last but not the least, make the employees feel a part of the team. Keep sending them newsletters with all the updates going on within the company. Convey your regards occasionally showing them you remember and care. Send gifts to them during holidays. Even you can invite them to the office once in a year.