Desert Safari will be one of the major highlights of your trip to Jaisalmer. It will be something never seen before, even if you have already been on many safari trips. The Thar desert and it’s distinct lifestyle will become one of your passion. So, find the ultimate desert safaris adventure in Jaisalmer. A desert safari is not just about seeing barren deserts, but also understanding the unique culture and traditions of Jaisalmer.

Be prepared, as you never know just what you might spot around the next corner. Desert Safari will add a pinch of adventure in your tour and will prove to be far more exciting trip than ever taken. There are basically three types of Desert safari, held in Jaisalmer.

Jeep Safari

A jeep safari is probably the most agile way to explore the marvels of Jaisalmer. Desert jeep safari can prove to be most adventurous and rewarding of all the safaris. Apart from the fact that it is a time saving mode of Desert safari, it also helps you to enjoy a more comprehensive tour on the jeep. An open jeep is considered impeccable, as this makes you feel one with nature, in the breathtaking countryside of Jaisalmer. Providing a smoother and more comfortable ride, Jeep Safaris can be incorporated with Camel and Horse Safaris.

Camel Safaris

Camel Safari is one of the most popular means of connecting yourself with the deserts of Jaisalmer. You are required to make this journey along with an experienced guide. Take all necessary precautions and travel in the cooler parts of the day, the mornings and evenings. View the ruins of magnificent fortress palaces along with the exotic beauty of the Thar desert. The sights en route will captivate you and become a part of your most treasured memories. You can view barren land as far as the eyes can see. On reaching closer to the village, you can see herds of cattle and sheep roaming around. You can stop over to taste the authentic Rajasthani food.

Horse Safaris

Desert Horse Safari is meant for people who prefer action packed life and love speedy adventure. If this is your choice, just adorn yourself with a light sweater and jacket along with a pair of binoculars. Do not forget to bring your own hard hats and boots. A holiday on horseback is one of the best means of experiencing the flavor of Jaisalmer’s traditional hospitality and charm amidst ethnic surroundings. In corresponding with your tour operator, it is a good idea to advise them of your height, weight and riding experience to enable them to match horse to rider.