Community colleges have evolved quicker than four-year schools and also provide:

professional academic and career guidance.
a range of financial assistance.
many academic and student support services.
flexible day, evening, off-campus, and weekend classes.
distance education courses to accommodate diverse scheduling needs.

University Education: Benefits for Colleges and Adults

Why are colleges and universities adapting to meet the needs of adult students? The answer is based on the basic business principle – supply and demand. Adult students are the consumers of education and they want to continue their education on their own terms, not the terms of the traditional university education model. Adults demand a more convenient continuing education model and schools are adapting to supply a more inviting product.

Colleges benefit by effective utilization of their investment in instructors and infrastructure as they provide a convenient university education. Adult students also benefit from completing continuing education programs they need to boost their careers and increase their income, all without need to dramatically alter their life style.

Making Connections: College and Continuing Education

College education for adults is essential today, as employers require their employees to have an education beyond high school and in many cases a graduate degree. Continuing education offerings by colleges and universities is evolving to meet the needs of adults by providing more online education opportunities. Also, community colleges are meeting the demands of adult students as four-year schools move forward quickly.