Yahoo and GoDaddy are two of the most popular choices for web hosting. Choosing one or the other can be a difficult task for a new website owner. They both offer similar services, but depending on the needs of the website owner, one may be more suitable than the other for web hosting. Web site owners should at the very least evaluate Yahoo and GoDaddy web hosting based on price, the data transfer and disk space limitations, available marketing tools, and technical support.

Assess the Needs of the Website

According to Web Hosting Geeks, the website owner should first determine the needs of the website they will be hosting. If they are just starting out, and creating a personal website, they won’t need an expensive web hosting package. If they are creating a website for a new business, then bandwidth, site storage, and other services may be vital to their success. Personal websites and business websites with little traffic and user interaction do do not require elaborate web hosting packages.

Compare Web Hosting Prices

Web hosting companies offer a wide variety of rates for their services. Yahoo web hosting and GoDaddy have comparable low prices, but owners looking for the cheapest package will likely find it at GoDaddy. Aside from price, there are many factors to consider and it should not be a determining factor until other criteria have been considered.

Data Transfer and Disk Space Limitations

Data transfer and disk storage can be an important factor depending on the size and scope of the website. As a website gains in popularity, the bandwidth requirements will increase to support the traffic load. Web hosting companies pay for bandwidth, which is ultimately passed on to the website owner depending on the amount of bandwidth used.

Yahoo web hosting is ideal for small business owners who expect to grow at a reasonable and almost predictable rate. According to Yahoo Small Business, as long as the website expands within the terms of service, then they will offer unlimited disk space and unlimited data transfer. This allows website owners to build as many web pages as they want that will support large traffic loads.

GoDaddy web hosting is better geared for larger business owners who expect fast growth. They offer three different plans with graduated levels of disk space and data transfer coverage and even an unlimited plan. The Economy and Deluxe Plan both offer sufficient coverage for most website owners at a cheaper price than any of Yahoo’s plans; however GoDaddy’s Unlimited Plan is the most expensive of them all.

Web Hosting Marketing Tools

Web hosting providers help website owners attract customers with various marketing promotions. Most website owners will want to get the word out and draw in as much traffic as possible to their new website. Go Daddy web hosting offers options to increase a website’s search engine visibility and also provides tools to create email marketing campaigns. Yahoo web hosting offers a slightly more attractive marketing package that includes advertising credits toward Yahoo Search Marketing and Google Adwords.

Technical Support

It is important for any website owner to get fast and reliable technical support at any time of the day. Yahoo and GoDaddy both offer an online community help center along with email and 24-hour phone support with the main difference being that Yahoo offers toll-free phone support. This may be a critical factor for website owners expecting to need a lot of technical support from their web host.

Yahoo Web Hosting vs. GoDaddy Web Hosting

Yahoo and GoDaddy offer comparable web hosting packages. Web hosting prices are fairly cheap with GoDaddy offering the cheapest packages. Because of this, web hosts are forced to differentiate based on factors other than just price. Website owners should assess the needs of the website and consider much more than price when choosing between Yahoo and Go Daddy.

Depending on the needs of the website, website owners should consider other web hosting features to make a decision. Some important considerations are the data transfer and disk space limitations, tools available for marketing, as well as the costs and availability of technical support. This should only be considered a starting point as both Yahoo and GoDaddy offer many other features that may make them a more suitable host for a website or blog.