Wide format printers allow photo enthusiasts to print lifelike images in sizes larger than the traditional standard 8×10 or letter size. While wide format printers can be huge to say the least, most consumers are in the market for printers than can accomodate sizes up to 11×17 or 13×19. The best wide format photo printers also come from one of the best names in standard printing, Canon.

The Canon Pixma Pro 9500 Wide Format Printer

Able to print some of the largest sizes of commercially available photo stock, the Pixma Pro9500 printer can print photos from standard 4×6 prints up to full 13×19 borderless images. With a ten cartridge printing system the Pixma Pro9500 is truly a pro-sumer printer that boasts some of the most lifelike and realistic colors in its class.

While the Pixma Pro9500 looks quite similar to other Canon printers a buyer will immediately notice the need for lots of desktop real estate. At over two feet wide and over one foot deep the Pro9500 will occupy more room than most LCD monitors. Still, with that size comes power and flexibility. The ten ink tanks provide the printer with much more control in mixing colors, and a straight in feed slot allows blank photo paper to be fed into the printer without the need to curl it as it passes under the rollers.

For archivists, the Pixma Pro9500 is an excellent buy. The specially formulated inks used with the printer are said to preserve their vibrancy for up to 100 years when printed on archival quality print stock.

Additional Costs Related To The Pixma Pro9500 Wide Format Printer

Ink for the Pixma 9500Pro is fairly reasonable per tank at between $15 and $20 each, but a buyer must remember that the tanks are quite small and with ten different colors replacing the entire set will still run over $100. Large format paper for the Pixma Pro9500 is also more expensive than most with the large 13×19 size running in at around $2 per sheet. Still, for true photo buffs the price is well worth it for the ability to produce lab quality prints at home at sizes that normally bust the budget when done through a traditional photo lab.

Although the price may be rather steep (approximately $800 for the printer alone) the Pixma Pro9500 is still an excellent buy for those that demand the best quality photos in larger than average sizes.