Best Smart Home Devices That Will Turn Your House Smart

Best Smart Home Devices That Will Turn Your House Smart

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Smart home devices are more popular now than ever, almost everyone is now looking for ways to convert their old house into a smart home. In order to do so, there are hundreds of different smart home devices available in the market for different purposes. Every day, manufacturers are coming up with new ways how to make our lives even easier.

The truth is, smart home devices have been around for a long time. But they were only talked about out in large budget households. As technology has advanced recently, some of the best smart home devices are now available at an affordable price. Moreover, these smart home devices are very easy to install.

As mentioned above, there are hundreds of different devices in the market that try to make your life easier and easier, but today, we will be talking about some of the most revolutionary and advanced smart home devices that you must get your hands on in 2020.

Best Smart Home Devices in 2020.

Out of all the different kinds of smart home devices available in the market, we have listed out some of the most impressive ones that are both rich in quality and affordable at cost.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

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As the name may represent, this is an alternative to the traditional doorbell.

Overall, this product is a great buy if you are looking for a smart doorbell with an incredible design, easy-to-use interface, and satisfactory motion tracking.

The setting up of this device is also very easy. Moreover, this smart home device can be easily integrated with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa that only makes it more convenient.

There are some drawbacks though like it is a little bulky in size and also there is no free video storage.

Amazon Echo Studio

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Traditionally, people have been ignoring smart speakers like these because they figured there is practically no way for a speaker to be both smart and sound good. That problem is not valid anymore with the release of the Amazon Echo Studio.

Amazon Echo Studio is the best speaker that Amazon has made yet. It is highly suitable for installation in our smart homes as it easily serves multiple purposes, is flexible, ambitious, and is available at an affordable low price that makes these a great deal.

Moreover, Amazon Echo Studio is even cheaper than Google or Apple smart speakers. They also come with great new Alexa features. The only drawback that some people make find troublesome is that the size of the Amazon Echo Studio is slightly larger than your average echo.

Google Nest Hub Max

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Google Nest Hub Max is essentially a grander version of the previous Google Home hub which was a smart speaker along with a screen.

The only reason why this Google nest hub Max is not the exact upgrade to the previous one is that the nest hub max comes with a front-facing camera and it can plug into the next platform to perform as a smart home camera.

Enough of the labels, now let’s talk about some of its features and qualities. The screen that comes along with the Google Nest Hub Max is simply excellent which is also the standard when it comes to Google sponsored devices. It is also great in music quality. Also, the design of the Google Nest hub Max is very neat and surely advance.

There is one slight drawback to the Google nest hub Max which the developers may not have concluded to be an important one in the beginning. The drawback is, there is no Netflix support. Now you can make of it as you will.

Philips Hue

Philips Hue
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One of the most important things that comes to mind while transitioning your old home into a smart home is getting smart light bulbs.

Due to this, there are lots of different smart light bulbs available in the market for you to grab. Some of them show some potential but in our opinion, the best one is easily Philips Hue range of smart bulbs.

One of the most impressive features of the Philips Hue range of smart bulbs is that they are widely supported across different home control systems and devices.

Along with their absolutely brilliant compatibility, they are comparatively easier to install. If you go for Philips Hue bulbs you will need the Philips Bridge as well.

When a product has so many qualities it is somewhat natural that the amount you will have to pay for these smart light bulbs is slightly more expensive than some of the other alternatives. But in our opinion, it is completely worth it but the final decision lies in your hand.

Nest Thermostat E

nest thermostat e
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You might have heard about the Nest Learning Thermostat before but this alternative is definitely cheaper but just as smart.

Next was unarguably one of the first companies to ever inject AI learning into cooling and heating your space. The organization has not stopped since then, it has done continuous improvements to the devices offered.

The nest thermostat E is a prime example of affordable yet smart home devices. Apart from the absolute large amount of convenience offered, the design of the nest thermostat is highly elegant.

Arlo Pro 3

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This is a smart security camera which could be considered the best security camera on the market. Arlo Pro 3 is that popular and that highly spoken of in this list because of the range of features offered.

Sure, this device does not have a 4K resolution but you do not need a 4K resolution because when compared with the price, its current 2K resolution is highly productive as well. Moreover, you will get a 160 degrees field of view along with the upcoming features like two-way audio and night vision.

There is an exceptional amount of Zoom available on the camera that can reach up to 12x along with HDR support.

Another great quality of this smart home camera is that it can easily integrate with the rest of your smart home. It supports integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant as well.

Apart from all of these, there is a single flaw that we recognize as worth mentioning to our users. That is the number of features that you get without the subscription is highly Limited.

You can try a three-month free trial but after that, it is highly recommended to get a subscription which only costs $3 per camera per month to make use of all of these features to their full extent.