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Are you searching for the best music festival in the US? Well, you have come to the right place; we have gathered the best US festival bucket list to keep you busy for various festival seasons to come. In the last few years, the popularity of the music festival industry and the number of new music events hitting on North America has been expanding. Every year they have just got better and bigger. From dusk till dawn mega raves, weekend-long camping adventures–this article has got it covered.

While going to all of these festivals, it would require a large amount of time, energy, and money. Though it will certainly be the adventure of a lifetime, and it is something that we all are trying to achieve. 

Top Music Festival in the USA

Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival

This music festival invites thousands of happy campers across the 700 acres of Tennessee nature. It has 150 amazing performances, 10+ stages of music, and dozens of comedians. It is an escape into the excitement of music, art, trees, discoveries, green grass, and fresh air. (New / Old) friends, overwhelming happiness, adventures, generosity and sharing, and hyperbolic verbiage.

Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival

This festival is arguably the most iconic and popular arts and music festival in the USA. If you have not been to this place, then we can guarantee that it will certainly be an experience that you will never forget. It can be expensive, but it is worth every penny. Every year Coachella gives an undeniably amazing line-up spanning nearly every epic stage production, tasty drinks & food vendors, music genre, and an amazing festival atmosphere.

Governors Ball

For the east coast dwellers looking to enjoy this amazing festival with the classical NYC skyline as the backdrop, make the way to the Governor’s Ball. It is generally recognized as one of the best and biggest festivals in New York. This festival definitely deserves the top spot on the bucket list. It is located on the stunning Randall’s Island Park; music festival guests are managed to three days of world-class music, good vibes, and phenomenal stages.

Outside Lands Music Festival

This festival is located in Northern California’s premier music festival, and it is an absolute blast. It offers a special and relaxing festival vibe for three days in Golden Gate Park. The cost of food, drinks, and tickets is rather high. However, it is a fantastic event that you should definitely check out at least once. The line-ups are always different, the production is amazing, and you will simply fall in love with the venue. 

While this festival finishes early at 10 PM, this city is filled with sideshows and afterparties of the artists on the line-up, and it is really the best time to visit this city. If you do not want to spend the money for the three days normal admission, then just buy the one day ticket for which day you like for the line-up, and spend the rest of the days partying it up in the San Francisco’s flourishing nightlife scene.

Austin City Limits

This festival first started in 2002, and now it has grown to become one of the biggest and well-known festivals in the USA. With its popularity, it is expanded to a 2-weekend event that gives its attendees some of the amazing artists spanning all genres, incredible Texas BBQ, and fine arts exhibits by the local artist. As well as several tasty drinks & food vendors.


This festival started as a single-stage music showcase in 1991 by Perry Farrell; he is the lead singer of Jane’s Addiction, and has grown into a bigger music experience like no other.

This festival set down roots and made the Chicago music home in 2005. Now this destination music event has thousands of fans travel throughout the world to experience the huge crowds, incredible entertainment summer, and scenic lakefront setting.

Ultra Music Festival

For over 20 years, this festival has invited visitors to downtown Miami for the weekend of the best electronic music, and in the past recent years, it has been creating events in every corner of the globe. From Japan to Australia, Croatia to Buenos Aires–this festival has repeatedly proven one of the best music festivals in the world.

Firefly Music Festival

This festival is the east coast’s biggest camping and music festival, featuring an amazing live performance by genre artists, unique drink & food vendors. It is one of the kinds of the onsite camping experience. Firefly Music Festival has become one of the best summer events for legions of fans.

Electric Daisy Carnival

This festival is the largest electronic dance music festival in Las Vegas, though every EDM fan already knows that. It started in 1997 as a warehouse party in Los Angeles, and now it has turned into one of the wildest, mesmerizing, and massive dance music festivals in the entire world. It is one of the most impressive events in the world; you gotta see this amazing place.

Final Words

There are so many music festivals in the USA, but we have picked the best music festivals in the USA. We hope that you have enjoyed reading and finding some best events around the US. Also, we would love to hear from you to see if we have missed any special event. There are thousands of festivals that happen in the US. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.