Best Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions

A dedicated server, or dedicated hosting, is a powerful computer used solely as an internet server. A user rents hardware of the server from a hosting company and has full control of it. Compare with colocation hosting, which users buy hardware and place them in hosting companies, dedicated hosting does not need a huge initial investment on hardware.

Dedicated hosting is the super star in the web hosting business. With it a user could launch a high-end ecommerce web site or a group of related web sites with big spaces and high security.

Low Cost VPS Hosting is Option for Small Business

Dedicated servers are excellent but costly. Sometimes cheap virtual private server (VPS) hosting or semi dedicated hosting may be better choices for small or medium ecommerce business.

Compare to dedicated hosting, VPS hosting has the similar flexibility to install and run custom software and scripts. At the same time, VPS is much cheaper, for it is a kind of shared hosting – a server computer could have tens of VPS hosting users.

VPS hosting servers are enough for most of the small or medium ecommerce business sites. But if the web sites will develop a substantial amount of traffics, dedicated hosting would be a better choice.

Cheapest Dedicated Hosting and Best Dedicated Hosting Comparison

Every user has his requirements. Someone may want unlimited hosting while some others are looking for managed dedicated hosting server. Generally speaking, the price, quality, reliability and services are the most important factors a user should consider. Comparisons among different hosting companies could help him make a right decision.

For example, an overall comparison between a $199.95/month package and a $31.46/month one may help a user understand his requirements in a right way: starts its dedicated server service at the $199.95/month (6 months) essential package, while has a budget special package at only $31.46/month (12months or 24 months). What make prices so different?

Hosting Servers: Dell Servers ( vs. Unknown (

CPU: Pentium Dual Core 2.0GHz vs. Celeron 1.7 GHz
RAM: 2,048MB vs. 512MB. RAM is a crucial component for web hosting. The more RAM a server has, the more visitors it can handle at one time.
Disk Space: 2 * 160GB vs. 80GB
Monthly Data Transfer: 2,000GB vs. 2,000GB
Dedicated IP Addresses: 5 vs. 8

Control Panel: CPanel vs. Webmin – charges an additional $40/month for using CPanel.

Support service: 24×7 Support vs. Free 24/7 Contact.

Other comparisons include operating systems (Linux or Windows), RAID, 30 day money back guarantee, etc.

Most of other dedicated server providers offer different services at the prices between these two companies. These providers include,,,,,, Hostway, Rackspace, Codero, HostGator, etc.

A user can find his best dedicated hosting services through comparisons among these services. The higher the price, the better the quality. But the best is the one that suits the user’s needs.