BBC Introducing’s Amplify Celebrates 10th Anniversary

BBC Introducing’s Amplify Celebrates 10th Anniversary


BBC Introducing’s Amplify has stepped into its 10th year with countless number of success stories of budding artists. The platform has also shaped the new face of music industry which was once ruled by physical formats like vinyl, tapes and CDs. Today the scenario is completely different and where live and streaming rules supreme.

According to Abbie McCarthy of BBC Introducing the platform is a perfect place for music makers to hang out and meet other like-minded people from the industry.

The industry is very different now where artists sign up deals worth several hundreds of thousands of pounds while band members are left with day jobs. The record labels are now usually heard asking for ancillaries where as the recorded music business of artists is gladly enjoying standard practice. Artists have become abundant making more music and are available readily too.

The music industry is now forward-thinking in general and platforms like Amplify is effecting the changes that we need.

BBC Introducing was launched in 2007 primarily to showcase unsigned, self-signed and other such emerging musical talent from United Kingdom, but later it expanded its reach across the world. It was also extended to the company’s stages at major festivals including the most popular Glastonbury.

In the 2010 the BT Digital Music Awards in the category best new platform to discover music was grabbed by BBC Introducing.