In a new study it is found those who possess autism characteristics are more creative compared to those who do not.

Details of it have been published in The Journal of Autism and Development Disorders. The study was conducted by team of psychologists at University of East Anglia and Scotland’s University of Stirling.

A total of 312 people either with subthreshold autistic traits or categorized under borderline autism without being diagnosed of it were studied.

However, 75 of them had revealed were diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

All the participants were asked to fill a questionnaire, which was a mix of measuring autism traits as well as creativity of the individual such as an image viewed as a rabbit and also as a duck. One minute time was given to name as many as possible such ordinary objects.

Researchers compared the questionnaire of both the categories and found those who were diagnosed with autism named more objects than those who were not.

The team said probably people who had autism traits used more efforts and methods to answer the questions.

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says about 1 percent of the population in America may have autism spectrum disorder. Some people with the disorder may be severely challenged where as some with it may be exceptionally gifted.