Apple to release iOS 13 beta within a week

Within a week the public beta of iOS 13 could be launched and in July a wider beta testing would probably begin.

Apple announced the iOS 13 on June 3 at the WWDC 2019 event suggesting only to download if you are a developer and advised normal users to wait.

The much-awaited UI tweak could be seen in it. Finally, Apple has come up with Dark Mode feature on it to invert bright white screen. It can be done in Control Center inside Display slider.

Before we move ahead with features and specifications of the operating system it is important to note that public launch could be in mid-September with new 2019 iPhones.

The new version of iOS 3 beta can be installed over the air (OTA). Earlier, the iOS 13 beta 1 needed Xcode or macOS 10.15 to install.

The iOS 13 final version would need iPhone 6S or above, iPad Air 2 or above, the new iPad mini 4 and iPhone SE.

The new iOS is to come with swiping gesture keyword and it is called as QuickPath Typing. Apple has equipped it with more keyword shortcuts. In previous versions there were complaints of lack of shortcuts.

In iOS the iPhone giant has combined Find My Friends and Find My iPhone to help users locate friends and missing gadgets faster and easily with the use of crowd-sourced encrypted Bluetooth signal.

According to Apple app launching is faster compared with the previous versions. The Face ID unlocking can be 30 percent faster and app downloads by about 60 percent faster speed.