Apple To Include Magnet In Upcoming AirPods For Firm Stay In Ear

Apple To Include Magnet In Upcoming AirPods For Firm Stay In Ear


Lately it is learned Apple’s AirPods may soon come with magnetic ear loops to make the accessary stay firm in place in one’s ear.

AirPods were launched late last year with warm welcome equipped with excitement to poses a cordless earphone and experience a new way of listening to music through iPhone smartphones.

However, the reactions were seriously mixed including losing half of the pair. People wondered whether there would come a second iteration and now a new patent grant has come to notice.

It is learned the upcoming edition of AirPods would come with a magnet as well as a wrap-around device. The new patent seems the iDevice giant wants to combat falling of the AirPods that leads to damaging of the unit too.

It is learned the new design to have a literal wraparound device going over and under the ear to help AirPods keep in place. The magnet would hold the pieces in place.

Even though the patent does not sound elegant as the current model, but it is of course interesting. Critics now questions about the comfortability of the AirPods while wearing as ear flesh would come in between the two components. It is believed there would be skin discomfort.