About Us

About Us

What is TechPreview.org

TechPreview.org or www.TechPreview.org is a premier online portal catering to technology, but from various broader segments like Science, Social Media, Business, Lifestyle, Sports and Computers, with an effort to publish right and quick information from across the world.

What TechPreview.org offers

TechPreview.org website offers news, views, perspectives, features, infograph, editorials and videos from dozens of defined categories and sub-categories on daily basis for the people from across the world. It is one of the most preferred online portals in internet industry.

Vision of TechPreview.org

TechPreview.org was founded in 2016 and vows to walk a long way as a complete portal on technology on the Web world and develop a user friendly platform to the tech enthusiasts from across the world.


The founder of TechPreview.org is the same who created popular websites like SmartTechToday.com, SRJNews.com and TribuneTime.com.