5 Compost Bin Plans You Should Consider

5 Compost Bin Plans You Should Consider

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The best way to get high-quality rich soil for your plants or Garden at the same time when you are getting rid of food waste is something that no one wants to miss. The same job is done by using compost bins. Although the compost bins are available in the market we would recommend you to build your own compost bin as it is highly cost-effective and equally efficient.

Here are the five compost bin plans you can consider:

Under $5 worm bin

Crafting this worm bin is one of the most effective ways to commence composting. Also, this takes up a lot less space when compared to a large composter. All you will need is one hour of your time and a couple of gallon buckets to make this $5 worm Bin.

Trash can compost bin

This is one of the most impressive ways to make a compost bin as it uses your trash can to do so. All you require is a plastic trash can that has a lift, including other new materials to build this can. The entire process of building this will not take you more than an hour which is very impressive.

Wire fence compost bin

As the name suggests, it is a Bin that is made in your yard or at a place is outside and empty and as fences around them made up of chicken wire. The size taken up is comparatively larger but the actual size can differ as per your area.

Tote compost Bin

You can easily make a compost Bin using a plastic tote, all you have to do is drill some holes in that so that air circulation is facilitated.

Compost tumbler

As the name suggests, the compost bin that you will make under this is very easy to turn over. If you buy a compost tumbler from the market, then the price could be high, but making it on your own using an old barrel and other items would be much more cost-effective