What Will Be Future Of Electric Cars In 10 Years Timeline?

What Will Be Future Of Electric Cars In 10 Years Timeline?


What will be the future of electric cars is the biggest question today amid several ongoing wars in and around Middle East for oil and gas.

If believed to an indirect report on the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the era is to come when people will mostly own such vehicles driven by electric motors.

Earlier this week WSJ asked investors to get ready for the coming electric car revolution. The same publication was reluctant to embrace such vehicles in the past.

What made them rethink what they earlier thought of?

Lithium-ion batteries are working as catalyst in WSJ belief. Lately it has been seen the battery price graph has taken a southward turn. Comparing the dawn of automotive age, the battery-powered electric cars outsold gasoline ones. The future will be evident with something similar and investors need to know they are not on the wrong side.

Remember, plummeting cost of batteries is key to the popularity of electric cars.

As of now, if taken a look at the global trends, the electric cars are due for takeoff. There are few genuine reasons to it and one important key is the lower gas prices. Aggressive electric vehicle subsidies in China are also to be widely blamed for no longer electrification keynote. Alongside, the tightening environmental standards are making complaint internal combustion engines more expensive.