Top Tips How Teenager Can Drive Safely (Part I)

Top Tips How Teenager Can Drive Safely (Part I)


Earning a driver’s license is the most excited moment for teenagers. It is another milestone and gives the freedom to ride a vehicle on the open road without adults.

Usually the age of being eligible to get driving license is between 16 and 18. It varies from country to country and even from region to region where kids live.

Getting a driving license is also a time that can change family dynamic.

Parents have different views. Some are positive while others are much concerned about having inexperienced children behind the wheel. Some feel good to have one more driving license in the family.

Well, such fears are obvious as most of the teenagers die due to vehicular fatalities. A data from Allstate reveals teenagers are three times more likely to crash per mile driven than grown up people.

According to Canadian Automobile Association, fatality rates of teenagers are more than adults by four times.

Take the below tips seriously if you are a teen driver:

Take safe-driving course

Experts and even department of motor vehicles suggest teenagers must take safe-driving course. Finding one approved institution is not tough. You can collect a list from the motor vehicles department. Sometimes enrolment to such course also benefits with good discounts on auto insurance. So don’t escape this as it will guide you how to drive safely on open roads.

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