Tips To Earn More From YouTube

Tips To Earn More From YouTube


YouTube may lure you to earn an income, but it is not very easy. You need to know many more things, beyond videography, uploading and ad placing.

Take note, just a huge subscriber base and millions of views may not earn you handsome money from ads.

Google uses algorithms to measure the revenue to be earned by a video from ads. It is based on several parameters like how long viewers stay on the channel. The payout threshold can be fixed like in every $100.

If believed to popular YouTubers, most of the income comes from collaborating with brands like creating a related video and name the brand’s product in it.

PR agencies reveal then YouTubers have a rate card too and states how much they charge for naming the brand in their videos. The rate differs from channel to channel and it is mostly based on number of viewership and how many subscribers are there.

Few years ago the advertisement scenario for individual tech savvy was different. Brands used to approach bloggers to place their ads.

At the end, just remember YouTube is future if you are not making enough money from your videos. Simply keep on improving your work.

Apart from all these, it is to note getting high volume viewerships is not easy. You need to create interesting content and sometimes unique too.

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