Three Cybersecurity Trends To Continue In 2017

Three Cybersecurity Trends To Continue In 2017


The IT departments across companies, either big or small, will remain concerned next year too about security of their online presence. Mix of fresh and familiar threats will be in store from hackers and cyber criminals. Let’s find out some of the cyber security trends in 2017.

For hackers no experience is required

Yes, it is very true and 2017 will see the same trend. There are tons of tools available for hackers and cybercriminals who can use those with little or no knowledge about the process how it works. The only requirement is the person should have the money to pay for the tool. A rapid growth of cybercriminals could be seen next year and they can be a career criminal, disgruntled about something, politically motivated or just any one to make companies cost millions.

Third-party vendors act as gateway

Businesses can have the best security system, but even a malware at PoS can cost millions. Customers can also be at risk with such malware as it happened in Wendy’s case last summer in which more than one thousand franchised locations were compromised. The third-party management is going to be highly challenging.

Skilled IT security workers crisis

This problem is not new and it is going to continue in 2017 too. There’s a huge shortage of cybersecurity skills. At present, across the world, over one million related positions are vacant and it is urged to college graduates to attempt learning the skill to fill the positions.