Samsung To Remotely Bar Note 7 From Charging If You Have Not...

Samsung To Remotely Bar Note 7 From Charging If You Have Not Returned In Recalls


If you are one of those who have not yet returned the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 even after the final recall from Samsung, here’s a disappointing pinch of news that will make the device useless for you forever,

The South Korean giant is paving ways to intentionally brick it in the US, which is of course a last-ditch attempt to forcefully make the owners of the handsets return the potentially-explosive phones.

Samsung is learned to be releasing the update on December 19 that will impair Note 7 functionality, the most draconian move of course.

It is learned following the update the device will be prevented from charging and simultaneously eliminate its ability to work as mobile devices.

The current data reveals 7 percent of Note 7 handsets have not been returned back in the recalls and this is a reasonable number that need to be cautioned anyway and anyhow to restrict from explosion.

Meanwhile, in the US the Note 7 is banned completely, even in switched-off it cannot be carried on planes, either in hand luggage or in checked bags.

The earlier update limited the degree to which the device could be charged considering explosions are sometimes more likely if the battery was almost full charged.

In Canada the carriers had earlier said to be blocking the Note 7.

According to researchers, who teared down the device to find the cause of explosion, the negative and positive layers in the battery could potentially touch together as designers at Samsung has not left sufficient space for the battery pack to expand in some typical use.