Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Still Not Affective

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Still Not Affective


It is very true not even explosions are stopping owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 by using the device. It has been almost two weeks when it was first recalled due to the risk of catching fire and data from Apteligent reveals all the sold units have yet not returned back.

The mobile analytics company adds “usage rate of the phone among existing users has been almost the exact same since the day of the recall.”

It is not to forget swapping 2.5 million smartphones is not at all an easy task. Critics say Samsung has not helped the situation as information released on recall is a bit confusing to consumers. It is believed if the situation lingers longer, the brand damaging will be more.

On September 2 Samsung talked about voluntarily replacing the current device with a new unit over the period of coming weeks. A week later it urged the users to power off the devices completely.

The same release also talked about exchange would happen from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and failed to give a timeline of the process.

The South Korean tech giant added further users can exchange the device for Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge and get a refund of the price difference.

If believed to a report published by The Wall Street Journal, Samsung contacted CPSC late that resulted with the federal agency only issuing advice to stop using the device to owners.

Officially the CPSC has not yet announced the recall and it is believed the delay is due to confusing messages from Samsung over the exact nature of the fault.

Meanwhile, all these are also affected the ability of carriers to help with the recall.

Whatever is the matter, so far Samsung has failed to make the recall effective.