Rumor Mill Bids Adieu To Project Titan (Apple Car)

Rumor Mill Bids Adieu To Project Titan (Apple Car)


Finally the rumor mill will stop guessing about Apple Car. Code named as Project Titan, the iDevice is learned to be focusing on software powering autonomous cars instead of producing its own such machine.

Meanwhile, it is not to forget the race of self-driving cars is on and several heavyweight companies have started working on autonomous driving. The companies include Ford, GM, Tesla, search giant Google and ride-hailing firm Uber.

The New York Times earlier wrote Apple had invested in a Chinese car-sharing service that would provide support to the upcoming Apple Car, alleged to hit the roads in 2021. However, now the rumor is baseless.

Lately the NYT writes the Tim Cook company is laying off dozens of employees as part of the Project Titan reboot.

Despite the reboot news published by some of the leading media houses including Bloomberg in the world, the iDevice giant is also reported to have made progress with the project and has started testing of autonomous cars in the real world but in a closed environment.

The new reboot plan is learned to be a part of Bob Mansfield’s plan as a new leader to the segment.

Bloomberg writes Apple faced problems developing a self-driving software as well as car simultaneously and so the Project Titan team has shifted focus.

Whatever be the focus, it is yet to be seen whether Apple gets the same success in its Project Titan segment as it has over years in its iDevices. Share your own views too with fellow readers in the below given comment box.