Proven Tips To Play Angry Birds Successfully

Proven Tips To Play Angry Birds Successfully


Be Patience

First of all, if you really want to enjoy the real fun of angry birds then you need to be patience. It happens many times that you end a level but do not get 3 stars rating so this thing is not desirable for you. You may get frustrated and stop playing the game. It is not the right approach. You need to spare more time on this game if you want to obtain good results and rating at the end. Keep one thing in your mind, angry birds experts were not the experts from the beginning. They spent a lot of their time for getting the complete understandings of it.

First know the bird then play

Birds are the heroes of angry birds so you first try to know their strength and weakness and then to maximize the strength and to minimize the weakness. For example, you know very well that yellow birds are strong against wood so you can break the wood quickly with the mean of these birds. Simply when you know more about birds then you are able to handle every puzzle quite easily.

Learn from Mistakes

In case you don’t get the desired rating and scores at the end then you will feel that you had made a mistake in the level. Therefore, it is the time to learn from your mistake. You can hit the repeat button and give this level another try. There is no need to leave a level without getting your enviable results. I suggest you to use different angles different times. For example, if one angle doesn’t bring good score for you then it is better to try another level than to use the same angle again and again.

Keep Notes of Best Tricks

Another method for getting the good rating in this game is to keep save the notes of best tricks. For instance, if you had made maximum destruction with the mean of a simple action then it is the time to keep a note of this action. This saved note will guide you about the position and action via which you can get more points.

Be Social

Sometimes, you get stuck in a puzzle thus it is the time to get help from your friends. In case your friends are not playing this game then there is no need to worry. You can try some other social circles such as Youtube, Facebook, twitter, etc for getting the hints and tricks.