How Snapchat’s Spectacles Will Work

How Snapchat’s Spectacles Will Work


Snapchat surprised the world with its first hardware innovation dubbed as Spectacles, which is like designer sunglasses equipped with feature of recording videos in 10-second increments.

The hardware comes with cameras with a 115-degree lens and is expected to hit the shelves this fall, but in small quantities though. It is learned to be carrying a price tag of $130.

The videos recorded in Spectacles are saved to the Snapchat Memories. A button on the top left side corner needs to be pressed to start recording. After 10 seconds the recording will stop by its own and if user wants more recording, again the button is to be pressed.

A light in an inward facing turns on when the recording starts to help user know it and an outward facing light alerts other about the field of vision, 115-degree, which is closely approximate how humans see.

It is learned one can record up to 30 seconds of video at a time.

For iOS device the transfer of video is by default via the Bluetooth connection of the glasses, but for Android user a Wi-Fi connection is required for it. Even the iOS user can opt for transfer via Wi-Fi for a higher resolution videos.

One need not worry if the phone is away while recording. The Spectacles is a standalone device too and can store those until one returns to the phone.