Following T-Mobile, Verizon Too Launches Unlimited Data Plan

Following T-Mobile, Verizon Too Launches Unlimited Data Plan


Finally Verizon has announced unlimited data plan after downplaying on several occasions. Rolling out on February 13, the new offering is dubbed as Verizon Unlimited and it offers unlimited 4G LTE data, talk and text for $80 a month, provided customers sign up for AutoPay.

The offer comes with 10GB of Mobile Hotspot per month apart from unlimited calling and texting to Mexico and Canada too.

The announcement comes after similar aggressive plan of rival T-Mobile that is titled as T-Mobile One and offers unlimited data, talk and text. However, the carrier downgraded video streams to less-than-HD and this earned criticisms. An add-on of $15 is needed to get the HD resolution.

More to this, customers are not allowed to access LTE speeds if phone is used as a mobile hotspot by default.

Verizon has overcome such disappointments and announced users to get HD streaming and 10GB of LTE mobile hotspot before downgrading to 3G speeds. It is not yet known whether the HD would be more than 720p.

Apart from these, Verizon announced not to be retiring the other tiered data plans like the 5GB per month offering.

T-Mobile is offering similar plan at $80 per month where as Sprint for $60. AT&T is the most expensive one with $100 a month plan provided users subscribe to either its DirecTV or U-Verse services.

Meanwhile, it is not to forget a recent survey reveals Verizon has the fastest and widest 4G LTE network in United States.