Donald Trump Moving Too Fast In Implementing Agenda?

Donald Trump Moving Too Fast In Implementing Agenda?

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President Donald Trump started his term with executive order briefing refugees would not be allowed to enter United States for 90 days with immediate effect from Muslim-majority countries – Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. Isn’t the pace too fast?

In a new survey it is found half of Americans feel Trump is moving too fast in implementing agenda and he must slow down.

The new Gallup poll report reveals about 45 percent of the respondents said Trump is moving too fast where as 35 percent of the surveyed people feel the pace is right.

Three aspects of Gallup were asked from 1,018 respondents and those were about suspending the Syrian refugee program, building a wall on the US-Mexico border and temporarily barring entry to the US of people from the seven Muslim-major countries.

The most popular question was the temporary travel ban of refugees from the seven countries with approval rate of 47 percent and 25 percent disapproved it.

The Syrian refugee program suspension approval rate was 36 percent in the survey and 58 percent of the total respondents disapproved it.

The poll was held between January 30 and January 31, and the report was released on Thursday.

Issuing the executive order Trump said it was required to protect United States from terrorism.