Domino’s Digital Sales Reaches $2bn Annually

Domino’s Digital Sales Reaches $2bn Annually


Pizza chains have frequently tried exceptional and unique ways to lure more customers. They have long courted with gimmicks like meat-heavy specialty pies and stuffed crusts. Domino’s distinguished by emphasizing technology with experience design focusing on frictionless transactions.

Domino’s chief digital officer Dennis Maloney said an easy ordering experience can make a big difference and since 2008 the chain has been at the vanguard of pizza tech.

Last year Domino’s introduced emoji ordering allowing customers summon dinner by just tweeting a pizza icon. Thereafter it released an Amazon Echo app to allow user order for pizza via just a voice command.

Lately no-click ordering technology has come up. Users need to save information as well as preferred order first. Ordering would become too easy thereafter. Simply opening the app will place order.

Timer will appear and the countdown will start from 10. After the completion of the countdown the order is placed. That’s it. Users don’t need to push any additional button. So, no effort is required to order a pizza.

Domono’s AnyWare system has developed the innovations. It s a cloud-based hub equipped with customer profiles and designed to be accessed from a range of platforms. This means users can even order pizza from PlayStation 4 console or through car’s Sync system.

Data reveals Domino’s app and website is pulling in over $2 billion annually in digital sales.

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