AT&T Black Friday Offer Is Attractive Or Catchy To You?

AT&T Black Friday Offer Is Attractive Or Catchy To You?


AT&T has a track record of healthiest industry margins and this is the reason the rival wireless carriers have emerged to be offering better Black Friday deal, at least if believed to some of the smartest shoppers. However, the company is not left out and has come up at last with its own kind of deals promotion. Have a look:

Free iPhone 7

Yes, you can get Apple’s iPhone 7 for free with bill credits. The condition to become one of the proud owners of the elite device is to subscribe to AT&T Next and Direct TV together until November 30. The Next plan need to be of at least $50 and the bundle of TV is to be at least $29.99. Moreover, only $650 or the price of an iPhone 7 will be reimbursed in the span of 24 months.

Galaxy S6 Deal

Getting Galaxy S6 on AT&T Next plan with voice and data will net you a $200 AT&T Visa Reward Card. Take a note the card will be only be mailed after eight weeks.

LG G5 Offer

You get a chance to win a $300 AT&T Visa Reward Card with LG G5.

50% and 25% Off

Until November 28 you can avail a discount of 50 percent on JBL’s Under Armor Bluetooth earbuds and 25 percent on several refurbished phones and select cases.

Is their any takers to these AT&T Black Friday offers? Share your views and if you were one of those takers with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.