Aleph Objects Ranks Fastest-Growing Computer Hardware Company In US

Aleph Objects Ranks Fastest-Growing Computer Hardware Company In US


Aleph Objects has become in the United States the fastest-growing privately held computer hardware company.

The company is manufacturer of Lulbot and is now been included in the prestigious Inc. 500. The ranking is based on revenue growth over a period of three years.

The three-year sales growth of the company was 2,782 percent, reveals Inc. Magazine’s 35th annual list. The company is ranked at 122 and it is also the only 3D printing organization in the top 500.

Aleph Objects CEO Jeff Moe said they never saw 3-D printing to be a quick buck for them. They always strived to offer satisfaction to customers even though it is learned desktop 3D printing had drawbacks.

The CEO said he had accompanied earlier with VP of Marketing Harris Kenny to a London-based hackerspace that had a first generation LulzBot machine, which was used regularly in full working order and for this reason of durability he had given LulzBot a standing of excellence.

He added, “We are honored to be named among the fastest-growing private companies in the United States and the fastest computer hardware company.”

He further mentioned the success of his company shows the power of Free Software, Libre Innovation, as well as Open Source Hardware too.

The second quarter revenue of Aleph Objects this year was reported US$5.8 million, which was four consecutive profitable quarters.

Year-to-date 2016 revenue is US$10.5 million.