10% Of Light Vehicles To Come Equipped With Full Self-Driving Capabilities By...

10% Of Light Vehicles To Come Equipped With Full Self-Driving Capabilities By 2035


Automobile industry is changing and the trend is of AMT (Auto Manual Transmission). More changes are to come across in future and if believed to couple of reports by 2035 about one-tenth of all the new light vehicles sold will come with full self-driving capabilities.

Several companies have jumped into research and development of autonomous vehicle technology, and as of now there’s no sign of slowing down the trend.

In September the United States government came up with federal guidelines for driverless cars. An estimation reveals by 2025 such cars would be about a $42 billion market.

Meanwhile, interested investors are seen wise enough to jump on the developing companies to help shape the industry to the earliest.

As of now three companies are mostly stealing the show in the driverless car segment and those are Alphabet, Tesla and Nvidia.

Alphabet’s Google is one of the dominant leaders in developing such car and until now it has completed 2 million miles of autonomous driving on roadways. The first million miles took six years to cover and the second million just sixteen months.

Google also announced to be working with Fiat Chrysler in building prototypes of driverless car. This would be the first time the search giant would be dealing directly with an automaker. The automaker would produce 100 vehicles for Google.

It is yet to know whether Google would license the tech to automakers or serve itself. Time would reveal the answer, but as of now it is very true Google is committed to driverless cars. The company has already spent over $60 million and there is no sign of backing away.